Haggerston Black Suit


Haggerston Black Suit

At Unique Threads you can personalize every detail of your suit, or you can just buy it as you see it here. We have an interactive suit design tool that allows you to customize every detail of your ensemble from head-to-toe; lapel, interior lining, button and many more.
Color: Black
Fabric: Wool
Season: Year Round

Fabric Details


Haggerston Black

Haggerston Black


260gr/m2, Year Round, Black

Solid, Super 120s

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About Haggerston Black Suit

Haggerston Black Suit is made of pure wool, which means it is highly durable and wrinkle free. It is soft and luxurious to the touch and the fibers do not easily snag or break. This fabric is highly breathable, so it can worn year round, perfect for wear even on the hottest days, but also retain warmth in winter months.

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